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...FICTION fed on the sorry left-overs of FACT RAILWAY

Minor amusements


Lady Grange and her Angel... Hats, Angels and Remorse...
Not the President...For whom does The Last Trump sound...?
Independence! they cry Brigadoon. What? - again?
Revolyushun! Solidarity with All Fowls!


Here is a small selection of other books available as Kindle downloads, or as real, printed books (from Amazon - okay, okay: how real do you want them to be, exactly?).
Arguably, not good enough for a needy publisher to splash out hard-earned cash. But good enough, say my nearest and dearest. And that ought to be good enough for you.
Read here (or click over at the left) of The Unfortunate Lady Grange, Tetchy Turkeys, Ghostly Golfers and slumbering Hollywood stars.

NEW !!

As of December 2016, Mr Mondane's very first novel - which has nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump - is available in paperback format. Yes. Indeed. You can order up your own copy here.