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Of Submarines and Forgetfulness...

Vikings - the cover - click to view full-size Covid lockdowns getting you down?

Not, perhaps, if you are a member of that happy band of Lewis chess-pieces, still roaming the western ocean and eastern seas in their longship. Not for them such things as unnecessary masks and social distancing: theirs is the simple life, driven by the Queen's need for a good tan, high fashion and conspicuous wealth, the King's desire for an easy life at all costs, and the Berserkers desire for vast quantities of pizza. Not to mention the Bishop's cunning ploys.

Set largely within raiding distance of Edinburgh's douce seaside resort, Portobello (some call it Seafield), the Vikings adapt easily to 21st century living, with all its petty regulations.



What can we learn about the history of the Vikings?

Very little, if the truth be told. But along the way, there are such excitements as:
  • A raid on takeaway shops, with the violent deaths of the staff, when a delivery of burgers and pizzas fails to arrive on time
  • A jovial social gathering of Berserkers interrupted by officers of the Lothian & Borders Police
  • A bank-raid that almost went wrong, due to lack of masks. Luckily, the branch-manager was on hand to provide advice and assistance
  • New Brexit regulations complicate the delivery of pizza to an international conveyance
  • The Queen is determined to become an anti-vaxxer - until the Bishop sells jabs to her as a beauty treatment
  • How to tap the burgeoning staycation market and simultaneously resolve a Brexit-related staffing crisis amongst the oarsmen
  • Some timely hints on how to best manage the gig economy when the fiercely-armed workers go on strike. Zero-hours contracts are easily worked around
  • A minor traffic accident results in the Vikings signing up to an insurance policy - but one offering the best No Claims Discount ever seen

(All images in the book - and there are many indeed - have been prepared with loving attention to detail by my wife.)

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