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Click to open The 'Thomas Müntzer Society' in Germany (mostly in German)
Click to open Mennonite Lexikon (in German)
Click to open Wikipedia entry (in English).
Click to open Wikipedia entry (in German)
Click to open Material relating to the Peasant War of 1525 (in German).
Pay specific attention to the main article, the maps section, and articles on Müntzer and on his wife Ottilie..
Click to open Reproduction of the Latin version of the 'Prague Manifesto' at Jena University

Published Articles and Lectures

Click to open Peter Matheson's review of recent Müntzer research in Germany.
With grateful acknowledgement to the Mennonite Quarterly Review where this article first appeared (Vol.86, Part 1, 2012)
Click to open Siegfried Bräuer's analysis of Müntzer's importance to the German Reformation, lecture given at Allstedt, 2013
Click to open Siegfried Bräuer's summary biography of Müntzer, which appears in the German 'Mennonite Lexikon' (2010)
iPlayer? Back in 2017, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the German Reformation, the BBC broadcast five 15-minute talks, given by a fine collection of respected academics, and one amateur (Andrew Drummond).
Click to open An analysis of the 'Sermon to the Princes', a lecture by by Matthias Riedl (2013)
Click to open Andrew Drummond's analysis of Müntzer's doctrine of the `Fear of Man` (re-created from scanned original: 16th Century Journal, 1979)
Click to open Also by Andrew Drummond, an analysis of Müntzer's view of the Divine and the Mortal (re-created from scanned original: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, 1980)

Main Library Catalogues

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Other helpful websites

Click to open Stolberg on-line history - includes several pages on Müntzer.
Click to open Website dedicated to Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt - another radical.
Click to open A Wikipedia article giving more information about the 'Zwickau prophet' Nikolaus Storch.
Click to open The Frankenhausen 'Panorama-Museum', with magnificent murals by Werner Tübke (1989).

Documentation and Opinions from 16th Century sources

Click to open A translation of Martin Luther's Letter to the Princes of Saxony, Concerning the Rebellious Spirit , written in June 1524 - a denunciation of Müntzer's activities and teachings.
Click to open A translation of Martin Luther's Open Letter to the Honourable and Wise Mayor, Council and Whole Community of the Town of Mühlhausen, written in August 1524 in an attenpt to have Müntzer ejected from Mühlhausen.

Unpublished Articles

Click to open An appreciation of Siegfried Bräuer's contribution to research by Peter Matheson, 2015
Click to open An essay on Müntzer by a modern Baptist, Robert Booth
Click to open An examination of Müntzer's friendships with Johann Zeiss and Christoph Meinhard, by Andy Drummond, 2022
Click to open An overview of Müntzer`s dealings with printers, by Andy Drummond, 2015
Click to open An analysis of Müntzer's revolutionary intentions in his reforms of church services, by Andy Drummond, 2015
Click to open A very simple overview of the complex geography and the rulers of 16th century Thuringia, by Andy Drummond, 2016

Interesting, rather than useful, websites

Click to open The website of the late adult comic-book artist Lutz Bosofsky, whose stories and images of the Peasant War are quite wonderful.
Click to open Slightly more bizarrely, a brief CGI re-enactment of the Battle of Frankenhausen - in 'Anim' form...
Click to open Following in Müntzer's footsteps (Roland Boer, with some disappointment)...
Click to open An instrumental track entitled 'Thomas Muntzer' by the British experimental band The Petrels...