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Links and websites

There is a surprising amount of background material available concerning the subjects of this book. I have set out below some of the websites which could prove of interest to the assiduous reader - or simply that deluded reader who wishes to take issue with some of my wild claims.
I would strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in the period between about 1880 and 1890 should take a look at the Napier Commission report, which is readily accessible.

Napier Commission Reports

The report of the Napier Commission of 1883 contains some of the most important and fascinating documentation of late 19th century Scotland. Even just dipping into the report randomly will give rewards. You can access on-line versions of this report at the two websites below.

Click to openFacsimile copies of the five volumes of the Napier Report, held and maintained by the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).
Click to openSearchable version of the text of the Napier Report - with thanks to Guido Blokland, who digitally processed the volumes held by the UHI (above)

Useful websites

A random selection of websites containing interesting archive information on legislation and fishing; and access to digitised maps of the last 200 years.

Click to openOnline Hansard - Parliamentary reports for the UK House of Commons and House of Lords
Click to openOrdnance Survey maps and Admiralty charts for Scotland 1795–1963 (on the website of the National Library of Scotland)
Click to openAmbaile.org - a website sponsored by Highland Council, containing many old photographs of, and articles on, north-west Scotland
Click to openIrish Government Acts (Westminster and Dublin) 1801–present (Irish government website)
Click to openUK Government Acts 1801–present (UK government website)
Click to openHistorical and statistical information on Scottish fisheries (with thanks to David Sutherland).
Click to openFishery Board Annual Reports

Various Railway Companies and railway lines

Most of the links below take you to a relevant Wikipedia article. There you will also find references to further reading or to other Internet resources.

Click to openA short overview of the Garve to Ullapool railway proposal.
Click to openAn even shorter overview of the Achnasheen to Aultbea railway proposal.
Click to openHow the Dingwall railway to Strome Ferry was extended to Kyle of Lochalsh
Click to openThe extension of the Glasgow to Fort William line to Mallaig.
Click to openA history of the Highland Railway Company...
Click to open... and of the Great North of Scotland Railway Company...
Click to open... of the North British Railway Company...
Click to open... and finally of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company (LMS)..
Click to openThe website of the Friends of the Far North Line, containing much that is of interest concerning railway transport in the north.

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