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The Memoirs themselves
  • Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky, Magnate of the Kingdoms of Hungary and Poland, One of the Chiefs of the Confederation of Poland &c Translated and edited by W. Nicholson, London 1790 (2 volumes)
  • Des Grafen Beniovsky Reisen durch Sibirien und Kamtschatka über Japan und China nach Europa. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von C. D. und J. P. Ebeling. Hamburg, 1791. Vols 1 and 2. Reprinted 1797
  • Voyages et Memoires de Maurice-Auguste, Comte de Benyowsky. Paris, 2 vols, in 8vo, 1791.
  • The Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus, Count de Benyowsky. From the translation of his original manuscripts (1741-71) by William Nicholson, F.R.S., 1790. Edited by Captain Pasfield Oliver. 8vo. Illustrated, pp.399, with map of voyage. London, 1893.
Other sources
  • Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen, Relation de Deux Voyages dans les Mers Australes et des Indes, Paris 1782
  • Alexis Rochon. Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies (trans. from French by J.Trapp), London 1793
Useful critiques
  • Ian Inkster, Oriental Enlightenment: The problematic Military Experiences and Cultural Claims of Count de Benyowsky. In: Taiwan Historical Research, Vol.17, No,1, pp.27-70. Taipei 2010
  • Luke Roberts, Shipwrecks and Flotsam: The Foreign World in Edo-Period Tosa. In: Monumenta Nipponica, Vol.70, No.1, Tokyo 2015. pp.83-122
  • Prosper Cultru, Un Empereur de Madagascar au 18ième Siecle: Benyowszky. Paris 1906
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