THE BOOK - Addenda and Corrigenda

The cover of my new biography of Benyovszky- click to view full-size Almost immediately after publication, I spotted some changes that needed to be made.

Isn't that always the way?

So, for those of you who have paid out large amounts of hard-earned money for the book, I list below such changes as are necessary.

And for those of you who haven`t bought the book . . . why not, exactly?

Sorry about that!

What needs changed...
140The word "hallucinatory" should really be "hallucinogenic", don't you think?
209-10‘Modave’ should properly be Maudave - change also index entry on p.286.
His settlement lasted for 28 months, not 13 (September 1768 to December 1770).
Although 21 colonists did die, the main cause of the evacuation was the refusal of the French government, on the advice of the Mauritius colony, to supply any more men or equipment (cite: H. Pouget de St André, La Colonisation de Madagascar sous Louis XV: d'après la correspondance inédite du Comte de Maudave. Paris, C. Ainé, 1886)
211Additional names of people who accompanied Benyovszky to Madagascar. These are now taken from list provided by Edward Kaidanski, 2010 (Was available at: ... This page is now archived here... Last accessed: June 2024 See also: )
Second Lieutenant Grigorii Kuznetsov-Kovach, Major Surgeon Magnus Meyder and 9 ordinary volunteers from Kamchatka: Leontii Popov, Vasilii Rybnikov [Ribrikov?], Stefan Novozhilov, Nikita Kozintsov, Ivan Kudrin, Alexeii Andreyanov, Vasilii Potolov, Alexeii Tchuloshnikov and a certain Jean Joseph (possibly Ivan Ustyuzhinov?).
This list was dated 12 April 1773. Windbladh had been on the list but he falls ill and a Frenchman is appointed to Winbladh's place - Captain Marigny. Note that several of those named have been labelled as ‘Remained in Mauritius’ - see below, pp.264-5.
237/240The birth-year of Mme. Benyovszky's second daughter Zsofia is unknown; regardless, Zsofia cannot be both a 'babe-in-arms' and still in the womb a year later...
256The Hungarian edition of the Memoirs appeared in 1888, not 1889 (cf p.250)
264-5Make amendments to the list of voyagers who remained in Mauritius to match up with the revised list above (p.211).
It is entirely possible that they did indeed stay in Mauritius, and were collected by Benyovszky on his arrival from France, in September 1773.
269Amend ‘Half-sisters’ to ‘Half-siblings’ and add in :
Theresia (1735–1763), Anna (b. pre-1743), Borbála (b. 1740), Peter (b. 1743)
275Inkster article in Taiwan Historical Research was published in Taipei, Taiwan.
276Roberts article in Monumenta Nipponica was published in Tokyo, Japan.
276Voigt article in Hungarian Studies was published in Budapest, Hungary
278-9The book by G.J.G. de la Landelle, Le dernier des flibustiers, in 5 volumes, Paris 1857. This is a novel...
[Listed erroneously under ‘Other critiques’ on p.278; also note the corrected spelling of ‘flibustiers’.]
279Add underneath James Kenney in Plays, Operas etc: Juliusz Słowacki, Beniowski, London/Brussels 1841-46. (An epic poem in five parts)