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Welcome to the Volapük Vocabulary Lookup facility

This will attempt to turn single English words into Volapük, and vice versa. Numerals are also dealt with (probably more successfully than the words!)
And if you succeed in finding a Volapük equivalent for an English word, then you can play a little game which I have named pükabumöm.
I will, however, need to manage your expectations...
  • By no stretch of the imagination is this Google Translate ! Do not try to be too ambitious - only one word at a time can be accepted.
  • Bear in mind that I have only 2000 Volapük words on my database, so you may be disappointed if looking for (say) 'duvet' or 'sparrow' or even 'cake'. On the plus-side, most of the basics are covered (pigeon, cigar, goose...and 'recently deceased')
  • Steer well clear of lengthy composite Volapük words - break them down into parts if possible: yagadog is a composite of yagön - to hunt - and (unsurprisingly) 'dog' = a hunting dog; pükedavödik means 'proverbial' - but you'd never guess it. I'm sorry.
  • You can submit numerals (eg 12345) for a translation from English into (beautifully long) Volapük words.
  • Make use of the buttons with umlauts on them - clicking one inserts the relevant letter to the end of your input text.

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