April 2018
Siegfried Bräuer (1930-2018)
Siegfried Bräuer, one of the most respected German theologians/historians of the post-war era, died in March 2018. He was for several decades one of the foremost world experts on Thomas Müntzer. His contributions to our knowledge of Müntzer include dozens of articles, books and editions of his works - most recently, the definitive collection of Müntzer's 'Letters' (co-edited with Martin Kobuch, 2010) and his share of the recent wide-ranging biography of Müntzer (written in collaboration with Günter Vogler, 2016). (Investigate our on-line bibliographyvisitfor a selection of some of these works; see also two articles herevisit...). Professor Bräuer will be sadly missed.

October 2017
It's the Reformation, Jim, but not as we know it...
It isn't often that I feel moved to comment on artistic endeavours. However, the BBC's decision to broadcast a 2-part tv film commissioned by Germany's ZDF network has moved me. The film is entitled Reformation - (click here to view it on BBC iPlayer, if you dare...)
As something of a first, Müntzer gets equal billing with Luther. Indeed, Müntzer is portrayed far more sympathetically than Luther - who comes across as something of a weak-willed and indecisive spirit. (And let's not even talk about the dilly-dallying Karlstadt!) All of which is a bit of a shame, since the film is more like Monty Python and the Holy Reformation than anything based on fact. All the right names are there (and then some), but that's about as far as it goes.
We never knew, for example, that Müntzer spent the entire period from 1518-25 in Jüterbog. That he was on various occasions tortured (even crucified) by the henchmen of Erzbischof Albrecht of Magdeburg (partly because, Robin-Hood-style, he had robbed Albrecht's indulgence seller). That Müntzer, Luther and Karlstadt were all best drinking buddies for several years. That Ottilie von Gersen (Müntzer's wife) and Katharina vom Bora (Luther's wife) were best girlfriends at the same nunnery. That Müntzer shacked up with Ottilie from 1518 onwards. That Müntzer was beaten as a boy by his father. That he was already burning down chapels in 1522. And so on, and so on... Oh, so, so many things we never suspected!
I fear that every new scene brought expletives to my lips. To call the thing a travesty is to be overly polite. The film was made on behalf of ZDF, in 2017, and shot largely in the Czech Republic (which clearly does not have a single location to stand in for Allstedt or Mühlhausen! Or even Prague...)
One thing missing from the credits that rolled was the name of the scriptwriter - which probably makes sense, since there may not have been one.

July 2017
Doug Miller - Frankenhausen 1525 A new book has just been published by Prof. Doug Miller, analysing the battle of Frankenhausen in May 1525. This generously illustrated study brings together in painstaking detail all that we know of the preparations of the two armies, and of the defeat of the peasants and plebeians whose leaders included Thomas Müntzer.
More details of the book can be viewed by clicking here...


May 2017
Celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the German Reformation may be far and few between in the UK, but the BBC has broadcast out a series of talks on the matter at the beginning of May.
There are five 15-minute talks, given by a fine collection of respected academics, and one amateur. All five talks are currently available for catch-up or download now on the BBC iPlayer website - click iPlayer? here...
Subjects and speakers are as follows :
Martin Luther.      by Prof Lyndal Roper of Oxford
Thomas Müntzer      Andy Drummond
Katarina von Bora (Luther's wife)      Dr Charlotte Woodford of Cambridge
Johann Walter (Lutheran composer)      Dr Stephen Rose of Royal Holloway, London
Philipp Melanchthon (Luther's main collaborator)       Prof Brian Cummings of York
Something, then, for almost everyone !

December 2016
New books: Click here to view

A book on Müntzer and Luther was published in the summer - click here for details.
It examines the relationship between the two men in some detail.


June 2016
New books: Click here to view

A new biography and study of Müntzer has just appeared in Germany - click here for details.
It is co-authored by two of the foremost German authorities on our man - Siegfried Bräuer and Günter Vogler.
Its 540 pages contains much that is of interest, and much that will inspire and provoke.


March 2016

New translations of letters:

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The article on Thomas Müntzer appearing on the English-language version of Wikipedia has now been completely revised, corrected and improved.

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July 2015
New books: Goertz biography

A new and completely revised edition of Hans-Jürgen Goertz' biography of Müntzer (first edition back in 1989) has appeared - click here for details.
It's in German. The first edition (1989, trans.1993) was excellent and much has been added and refined in this second, very welcome edition.


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